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Code Analysis, Inspections & Reports

Maintaining building facades to protect public safety is among the most important responsibilities with which Architects, Engineers and Building Owners are entrusted.


New York City law requires all buildings greater than six stories in height to be inspected on a regular, five-year cycle, with reports submitted to the Department of Buildings attesting to the buildings’ safety. For the latest reporting cycle the law has changed, with redefined reporting requirements and tougher standards for safety and enforcement.

Healthcare Design

Insite Architects has proven expertise in the design and renewal of healthcare facilities. A variety of interventions have been performed; Article 28 Hospital (Out-Patient and Ambulatory) Article 31 Mental Health following DOH code, FGI Guidelines, NFPA, ICRA Guidelines to ensure the facility complies with the most strict codes and regulations for human safety and comfort maintaining fidelity to the aesthetics of the project.

Landmark Restoration & Historic Preservation

Historic properties in New York City are unique projects that require expertise in exterior restoration and historic architecture.


Insite Architects works closely with Landmark Preservation Commission to repair and restore the aesthetic and structural properties of our clients’ properties. Our passion is to preserve and restore New York City’s Landmarks to their original quality and to ensure their quality and preservation for years to come.


Insite Architects has a broad list of Retail Clients including Vehrnier, Sleepy’s, Sprint Retail, Gong-Cha, and AT&T Retail.


We are involved with Site Selection, Feasibility Studies, Roll-out Design Development, 3-D Rendering, Construction Documents, Construction Administration and Close-Out.

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